Home (the place you want to be)

Pohutukawa arch above Woody Bay

Why another completely unofficial website of Rakino Island I hear you ask?
I don’t know, but boy have we got a lot of useful information stockpiled for you!
You can find all the links to transport information here : https://www.rakino.org.nz/resources/resources/, and you can read interviews with dogs here : https://www.rakino.org.nz/category/celebrity-interview/, plus so much more.

There are maps, tall tales, information about upcoming events, and reviews of events past. You’ll be able to add photos and information about weed infestations, or add exciting bird and marine mammal sightings to the map, which will automatically log the location for you. You’ll be adding to citizen science, and you’ll be a hero if you remove the weeds. You’ll be able to use the map for locating and offering up items free to a good home, like lemons, and old BBQs, or you can just leave your extraneous bits and bobs outside the Hall.

We welcome opinion pieces and photographs. We have a regular contributor we call “Sammy the Crab”, and we enthusiastically encourage any backchat you might want to give him.

There is a calendar for listing events, funmissables such as the Golf Classic, and the Tug-of-War, but also the RRA meetings, events at the Rakino hall , and volunteer working bees. If you have something you wish to list, including a holiday rental property, please let us know. It’s a free service; we want to build content and be a useful Rakino resource.

*important note
If you are unfamiliar with Rakino, and wishing to visit, it’s imperative you know that accommodation is very limited, needs to be booked in advance, and that there is no shop on Rakino, so you must come well-provisioned for your stay. There are no available camping sites on the island either.